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Layla Bauder

Ortho Champs

Layla Bauder

Welcome to Ortho Champs

Together we make attracting new patients easy and fun!

About Champs

The markets are shifting faster than ever, we cannot afford to fall behind.  A new sharing platform that is absent of ads, distractions and subpar advice has been born to provide the best in class solutions to growing your practice.  We bring together cutting-edge orthodontic marketing professionals to share best-in-class solutions making ideal patient attraction easily attainable and fun.  This community is for champion patient marketing professionals in Orthodontics ONLY.  Welcome Champs!

Why You Should Join Us

In order for the truth to be revealed, a private space to discuss services, strategies, and experiences has to exist without influence from those that seek to sell their products.  This platform will give you the opportunity to have real conversations about the patient generation topics that are most needed in today's market.

A Big Thanks

Big ups to Dr. Jared Gianquinto at OrthoArts, Dr. Maz Moshiri at The Aligner Intensive Fellowship, Brenda Ashwell at Practice Genius and Kyle Fagala at The Digital Orthodontist for the trust and encouragement to develop this platform.  It's been a LOOOONG time coming to get the courage to do this.  

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